Deck Lights

DL305/306 Step light

Recessed louvered step light is secured into a rectangular hole with brass clips or a stainless steel casting box that is easily installed in cast in place concrete.  Comes with a 1.5w high power led strip installed in the light.  Face plate is solid copper (raw or marine grade powder coat) or stainless steel. Dimensions: 6″ x 3.25″

RL701B Rail Light

This light is excellent for down lighting stair treads and for use under the capstone of retaining walls.  Use the optional Adapter Plate to insert under a wall cap stone to down light a retaining wall for easy installation.
Dmension:  4″ x .75″ x .5″   1.5w cob led strip
RL701 is made of 5052 alum then a marine grade powder coat for a black finish.  (5052 is the same alum used for boats)


This surface mounted deck light casts an ambient light outwards as well as downwards.  It comes with a 2w led lamp, warm white, 12v ac.  The light is key mounted onto two st steel screws with the wire exiting out the back of the fixure.  Dimensions are 3.5″ wide x 4″ tall

DL308B Triangle Deck Light – Black

Surface mounted deck light is constructed of 100% copper that is marine grade powder coated satin black.  This light comes with a 1.5w high power LED strip.  This light comes in black, raw copper or stainless steel… Please specify when ordering!

DL301 Deck light

Recessed deck light is secured into a 2.5″ hole with brass clips.  Comes with a 1.5w high power cob led installed in the light.  Face plate is solid copper (raw or marine grade powder coat) or stainless steel.


Copper fixture that really really down lights… a cleverly disguised spot light that looks like a deck light.  Comes with a 5w cob MR16 lamp, solid copper and stainless steel construction.

Dimensions:  5″ x 3″ x 2.5″  5w cob MR16

UWL604H Marker light – Stainless Steel w/Eyelid

Small stainless steel fixtures look great with concrete whether in a wall, sidewalk or driveway.  Inexpensive, easy to install and long lasting. they create small spots of light for direction and contrast.  Installs into a 1.5″ hole with a small hole out the side or back for the wire.