Are you a Leader or a Follower?

My thanks to Bruce Allen for this excellent piece of work… well done. It seems to me that a lot of business owners who buy our lights fall in the leader category. There are strengths and weaknesses to being a follower as well as a leader, advantages and disadvantages. But I’ll let you sort that out… This is a bit edgy and obviously geared toward leaders but I believe, like Bruce Allen, that our culture needs more leaders.

Followers finish college… Leaders drop out.

Followers obey the rules… Leaders question authority.

Followers believe it’s about accolades… Leaders believe it’s about relationship.

Followers need external validation… Leaders have self confidence.

Followers have a backup plan… Leaders have no safety net.

Followers will not take no for an answer as they believe the rules and courts will save them… Leaders hit a road block and change direction. They only fight battles they know they can win.

Followers work for corporations… Leaders start the corporations.

Followers go to grad school to gain a profession… Leaders hire professionals.

Followers look around and conform… Leaders do it their way but are very aware of how others are doing it.

Followers believe in vacations… Leaders never take a day off.

Followers are a student of what’s in front of them… Leaders are students of the game.

Followers stop learning after school… Leaders never stop learning. Followers are afraid to lose… Leaders are willing to lose because they believe they are destined to win.

Followers say no, pessimism reigns… Leaders say yes, but are not afraid to say no.

Followers plan… Leaders change as needed.

Followers take direction… Leaders make direction.

Followers ask what’s next… Leaders have a vision for the future.

Followers work in established industries… Leaders establish industries knowing the times will catch up to them.

Followers think about themselves… Leaders think about others.

Followers adjust their personality to get along… Leaders are themselves.

Followers play the politics… Leaders are above politics.

Followers work in the world… Leaders rule the world.