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New Lighting is Here!

Stainless steel marker lights are getting more popular as a means to subtle lighting for driveways and sidewalks… Now, how about if the lights are all matching in style? Check out our new 2-way and 3-way marker lights that match in style our larger 3- way driveway light. Deck lights – Our new DL308SQ is […]

Amateur or Professional…?

My thanks for Bruce Allen’s excellent commentary on amateurs vs. professionals… Obviously, you the contractor, want to be the professional. Hopefully by contrasting the differences you can, like me, see a few deficits that may need a little improvement… AMATEURS Have tons of ideas, are excited about all of them and see none to fruition. […]

Are you a Leader or a Follower?

My thanks to Bruce Allen for this excellent piece of work… well done. It seems to me that a lot of business owners who buy our lights fall in the leader category. There are strengths and weaknesses to being a follower as well as a leader, advantages and disadvantages. But I’ll let you sort that […]

Stainless Steel Lights – all the same?

We choose stainless steel lighting for a couple reasons… It looks great with concrete or other complementary applications and it resists corrosion. Two important considerations, especially for the West Coast and it’s marine climate. Did you know that there is different kinds of St Steel? Stainless steel is an iron and chromium mix that in […]

Wire Connectors…Good, Bad, & Ugly

All landscape lights have to be powered by electricity… from batteries in cheap solar lights to a cable system connected to a transformer. For this discussion lets leave the price driven diy market and look at lighting that is powered by a transformer. The lighting needs to be connected to the 12v supply by some […]

Canadian Made?

Sometime people wonder if we aren’t all just buying Chinese made stuff. On the other hand, why does Canadian made have to be so ‘expensive’? Silhouette Landscape Lights as a Canadian manufacturer that tries to source as much as possible from local and North American suppliers. Now to sure, the actual LEDs and the associated […]

Lighting Your Way Safely

Protecting your home or business against intruders and falls is easily done with the variety of outdoor lighting available today. Whether there are obstacles, steps, dark spots or uneven ground, when the sun goes down it is difficult to see outside with no lighting. And, as all homeowners and landlords know, no matter who is […]

Why Chose LED Lighting?

LED lighting is not only more economical, but, more importantly, it is a greener choice for the environment. Requiring less energy and fewer bulb replacements, LED lighting is the most efficient form of illumination in history. LED Lighting Advantages Landscape lighting contractors have realized the many advantages of LED outdoor lighting for cost and convenience, […]