Lighting Your Way Safely

Slider-3Protecting your home or business against intruders and falls is easily done with the variety of outdoor lighting available today.

Whether there are obstacles, steps, dark spots or uneven ground, when the sun goes down it is difficult to see outside with no lighting. And, as all homeowners and landlords know, no matter who is on your property (invited or not) you are responsible for their safety and security.

Adding Value to Your Home

By adding outdoor lighting for safety, you are also adding value to your home or property. From the street, and when pulling into a driveway of a well-lite home, this is curb appeal. Lighting can increase the value of your home.

Having said this, it is important to have a professional design and install your lights. Poorly installed or placed lighting will neither increase a home’s aesthetics nor value.

33There’s More Than Flood & Spot Lighting

By lighting up areas of your yard for safety, a landscape lighting designer can use intense and subdued lighting to accent features of a yard. Some features include:

  • Highlighting shrubs and trees with light illuminated from below.
  • Uplighting to highlight architectural and landscaping features.
  • Focussing on the entry way for a warm welcome.
  • Varying the type of lights by using area, step, bollards and post lights.
  • Using warming lights and even coloured lights.
  • Altering when and what lights go on and off, depending on the time of day.

Benefits to Mimicking the Moonlight

The “moonlight effect” is designed to look natural and create shadows with intense highlights. In addition to being beautiful, and adding added safety, outdoor lighting also:

  • accentuates the landscaping
  • decreases break-ins
  • makes your yard more useable

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