SP501B Spotlight

A superior robust spotlight that will last decades. Comes with a 5w Cree cob led mr16 lamp already installed in the fixture, a ground spike and two dry conn connectors.  Shield is adjustable

Dimensions:  2″ dia x 4″

FL1012 Flood light

Powerful 10w LED with a 120 deg. beam angle is ideal for up lighting hedges and big trees.  Comes with a ground spike but this light may also easily be secured to structures for powerful down lighting.

Dimensions:  4.5″ x 3.5″  10w led, 120 deg beam angle

Brass Spotlight

Solid Cast Brass Spotlight. The ultimate in spotlight quality. Heavy cast construction finished to an antique beauty comes with a Cree 5w cob MR16 lamp installed and two Dry Conn connectors.

Dimensions:  4.5″ x 2″ dia   5w led

SP501C Spotlight – Copper

Solid copper construction weathers to a beautiful patina finish. This light get more beautiful as the years go by… Comes with a 6w Cree MR16 lamp installed, ground spike and two dry conn connectors

Dimensions:  4.5″ x 2″ dia   5w led

SP501M Spot Light – Mini

This amazing little spotlight is has a powerful 3w LED light that is perfect for up lighting shrubs and small trees. Comes with a stake but it can also be mounted in an arbor or trellis to cross light or down light onto pots or pathways.

Dimension:  3″ x 1.5″   3w ww led

WL410 – Well Light

Rugged 316 stainless steel construction with a wide flange makes this LED light perfect for up lighting trees, walls and shrubs when the light must be flush with grade.
Dimension:  3.5″ dia.  x  4.5″ body.  5w led MR16