Why Chose LED Lighting?

LED lighting is not only more economical, but, more importantly, it is a greener choice for the environment. Requiring less energy and fewer bulb replacements, LED lighting is the most efficient form of illumination in history.

LED Lighting Advantages

Landscape lighting contractors have realized the many advantages of LED outdoor lighting for cost and convenience, let alone reducing our carbon footprint.

Hydro meterWith continuous increases in hydro rates, LED bulbs are more affordable than ever, given LED lights are:

  • Available in warm white. No more icky ‘blue’ colour.
  • Consume 80% less power.
  • Require less wire.
  • Use a smaller transformer which saves installation cost.
  • Have a greater operating range (8-18 volts) so no worries about voltage drop.
  • Will not burn out two weeks after the job is done due to defective bulbs.

Average Bulb Lifespan

Halogen Bulb = 2,000 hours (8.2 Months at 8 hours per night)
LED Bulb = 50,000 hours (17 Years at 8 hours per night)

Electricity Consumption (8 hours a night x 365 Days)

35 watt Halogen Bulb = $9.20
5 watt LED Bulb = $1.31

LED Vs Halogen Lights 1 Year

Power Savings with Outdoor LED Lighting
Number of Lights 1 10 20 50
Halogen kwh 102.2 1022 2044 5110
LED: kwh 14.6 146 292 730
Power Saving (kwh) 87.6 876 1752 4380
Dollars Saved $7.89 $78.90 $157.80 $394.50

LED lighting will pay for itself in a very short time

Reduce carbon footprintLike Changing Light Bulbs?

LED bulbs last 50,000 hours, compared to 2,000 hours for halogen. That is 5.7 years continuous use for LED versus 2.7 months for halogen.

LED is the only real choice in our global quest to reduce power consumption.